Terms and Conditions

This is a legal notice of compulsory visualization, regulating the conditions of use that must be observed and
respected by users of this website. Please read it carefully because the fact of access to it implies that you
have read and accept unreservedly the following conditions.

    1. Information in accordance with the LSSI
      For the purposes of Code of Civil Procedure, No59/2007, July 20, 2007, services
      of society of information and electronic commerce, users of the website are
      informed that the owner of the website is the company CryptoTrades
      MANAGEMENT LTD (CryptoTrades hereafter) established in Prestige Business
      Center, 49 Patriarch Evtimii Blvd, 4th Floor, Sofia, BG, with UIC no. 204621227
      and whose registration data are: Registered in the Commercial Register of Sofia,
      Ref No 20170619143520/June 19,2017.

    3. Conditions of website use
      The user agrees to make diligent use of the website and services accessible
      from it, not to use the services or information contained on the website to develop
      or conduct activities contrary to law, morals and good customs, public order, and,
      in general, to use the website under this legal notice.
      CryptoTrades may temporarily or permanently, according to its own discretion,
      deny access to the website, as well as the provision of any or all services
      provided through it at any time and without notice.
      Also, CryptoTrades reserves the right to refuse or withdraw access to the web
      portal to any user who violates the conditions of use set out in this legal notice,
      all without prior notice.
      Should CryptoTrades provide, through this website, any special service or do any
      promotion or special offer, the same specific governing conditions will be
      established and they will prevail over the terms of use and the other provisions
      laid down in the present legal notice, in case of inconsistency or incompatibility
      between the two.

    5. Intellectual Property Rights
      CryptoTrades is the owner or licensee, in its case, of the rights of Intellectual
      Property of all the contents of this website, including product descriptions, text,
      images, photographs, trademarks, logos, buttons, software files, color
      combinations, as well as the structure, selection, arrangement and presentation
      of its contents, which are protected by Bulgarian and international laws on
      intellectual property.
      In no case the access to the existing website implies any waiver, transfer and
      total or partial assignment of the rights granted by Spanish and international
      legislation on intellectual property.
      The user agrees to use the contents diligently, correctly and legally and, in
      particular, undertakes to refrain from deleting, avoiding or manipulating the
      “copyright” and other data identifying the rights of CryptoTrades or its owners
      included content as well as technical protection devices or any information
      mechanisms that may be included in the contents. The user will refrain from
      using the contents and, in particular, information of any kind obtained through the
      website to send advertising, communications for commercial purposes,
      unsolicited messages addressed to a number of people regardless of their
      purpose, and to sell or otherwise disclose such information.
      The website corresponds to a domain registered by CryptoTrades and cannot be
      used, unless expressly authorized in connection with other services other than
      CryptoTrades in any way that might cause confusion among customers or
      discredit CryptoTrades.
      In this sense, those who wish to establish a ‘link or hyperlink between their
      website and this website must obtain the expressly written permission of CryptoTrades,
      without implying a relationship between CryptoTrades and the owner of the
      page in which the ‘link’ is established, or the endorsement or acceptance
      by CryptoTrades of its contents or services.
      It is strictly prohibited to make without the prior consent of CryptoTrades, any
      manipulation or alteration of this website nor copying any materials from the
      website. Consequently, CryptoTrades assumes no liability which may or have
      been arised from such alteration or manipulation by third parties.

    7. Limitation of Liability
      CryptoTrades disclaims all responsibility for any decision taken by the user as a
      result of the information contained in this website.
      Also, CryptoTrades disclaims any responsibility for any information not prepared
      or not published with its previous authorization, under its name, as well as the
      liability arising from the misuse of the contents, and reserves the right to update,
      to remove, limit or prevent access to them, temporarily or permanently.
      CryptoTrades is also disclaiming any responsibility for information and other
      content in the spaces or web pages of third parties accessible from this website
      via links or hyperlinks.
      Despite taking all precautions necessary to provide on our website current and
      accurate information, CryptoTrades cannot guarantee neither the rigor or
      timeliness of any information provided, nor the absence of errors or omissions,
      and the user must be aware that the information to which the access has been
      provided under the conditions detailed in this legal notice, with no guarantee can
      be considered accurate and updated.
      Similarly, CryptoTrades cannot guarantee the continued operation of the website,
      or that it is in all operational and available time. Also, CryptoTrades is not liable for
      any direct or indirect damages, including damage to computer systems and
      introduction of viruses existing on the network, derived from the Internet
      navigation required for using this website.

    9. Obligation to users
      The user is liable for damages that CryptoTrades may suffer as a result of breach
      of any of the obligations established in this Legal Notice.
      Regarding navigation, the user agrees to diligently and faithfully observe the
      recommendations which in turn CryptoTrades establishes concerning the use of
      the website and that will be published in it.

    11. Privacy
      While navigating this website it is possible that the user must or may provide
      certain personal data, that CryptoTrades will process according to the terms
      described in the “Privacy Policy”, which is incorporated to this Legal Notice by
      reference from this section.

    13. Duration and Modification
      CryptoTrades has the right to change the terms and conditions herein unilaterally,
      wholly or partially.
      The validity of this legal notice coincides, therefore, with the time of exposure
      until the time it is modified in whole or in part by CryptoTrades.
      CryptoTrades may terminate, suspend or unilaterally interrupt the operation of this
      website without possibility of requesting any compensation by the user.

    15. Law and Jurisdiction
      This legal notice is governed by Bulgarian and international legislation.
      CryptoTrades and the users expressly renounce their own jurisdiction, subject all
      interpretations or conflicts that could arise from this legal notice to the Courts.